My Euroband plates

This is a subset of my Europe-run illustrating my Euroband plates only. These plates are limited to the EU countries, but, as the EU has included most of the European countries, have become widely used. I regard plates with the blue band including the 12 EU stars as real Euroband plates only. The Euroband era is the time for standardization, but only when it comes to size and the blue band. The series and design still differs from country to country.

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Austria Belgium Czech Republic
2002-current ?-current 2004-current
Estonia France Germany
2004-current 1997-current 1994-current
Greece Ireland Italy
2004-current 1987-current 1999-current
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
2004-current 2004-current 2003-current
Netherlands Poland Portugal
2000-current 2006-current 1992-1998
Portugal Romania Slovakia
1998-current 2007-current 2004-2006
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
2006-current 2004-current 2000-current
Sweden United Kingdom United Kingdom
2003-current 1983-2001 2001-current