Added new European plates: Andorra (A7388), Germany (GDR) (LA 30-72), Ireland (5310 ZL), Israel (77-568-07), Lithuania (AGA 579), Norway (DC 11054 and UN 27892), Slovakia (BA 394MV and PD 093CU), Sweden (XUG 084) and U.S.S.R. (24-00 LAM, 45-69 EAF and 36-83 KVE).


Added new South African plates: Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and Northern Cape.

This makes my South Africa-run complete!


Site operational on new location: www.johnnysplates.info.


Added new European plates: Albania (MR 53 023 and DR 1857 B), Belarus (8556 CA), Czech Republic (BZD 18-81), Germany (FRG) (K RS 4600), Romania (B 82 LBB), U.S.S.R. (10-31 LIA and G6810LK), United Kingdom (HBH181C and AAC827X) and Jersey (J46505).

25.12.2009 Introduced my South Africa-run with plates from the following provinces: Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West and Western Cape.

Added new European plates: Germany (GDR) (OVF 7-28), Hungary (ZH-66-43), Iceland (HO 326), Israel (15-778-81), Latvia (L4024LA), U.S.S.R. (O8842LT) and Northern Ireland (RJI 7338 and YIJ 6638).


Added new Canadian 1963 plates: Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia.

This makes my Canada in 1963-run complete!

01.11.2009 Rearranged all Canadian pages; one page for each Province or Territory, added descriptions of all plates, introduced links to Plates Portal and maps from Google Maps.
01.11.2009 Intoduced Updates-page (this page!).

Incorporated Euroband-run and Middle East-run into Europe-run, showing all these plates in one page. Euroband plates also shown in special page as a subset of Europe-run.


Added new European plates: Greece (YYB-2117, KIB-8089 and BOT-2263), Italy (FI D36607 and CA 768CC), Norway (DL 47415), Sweden (GAC 852), Slovenia (CE C4-55S) and Turkey (37 DN805).


Added new ovals: Serbia (SRB) and Slovakia (SK).


Added new US 1963 plates from the following States: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota and Oregon.

This makes my 50 States in 1963-run complete!

08.01.2009 Rearranged all US pages; one page for each State, added descriptions of all plates, introduced links to Plates Portal and maps from Google Maps.